Notice of Public Budget Hearing, Special Town Meeting, and Town Board Meeting


Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 6:30 PM at the Town of Westfield Hall, a PUBLIC HEARING of the PROPOSED BUDGET of the Town of Westfield will be held. The proposed budget can be seen by contacting the clerk at 963-2663.Immediately following completion of the Public Hearing, a SPECIAL TOWN MEETING of the electors will be called by the Town Board for the following purpose:

1. To adopt the 2021 tax levy to be paid in 2022 and approve the 2022 highway expenditures pursuant to section 60.10(a)(a) of WI Stats.


The Town of Westfield board will meet following the two above-mentioned meetings in order to discuss and adopt the 2022 budget for the Town of Westfield.

Julie Strutz, Clerk

Sauk County Clean Sweep 2021 Voucher Program

Sauk County and Dane County are working together to provide Sauk County residents the opportunity to dispose of their household hazardous waste at the Dane County Clean Sweep facility through a new voucher program.

Sauk County residents who would like to participate in this program should come to the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department, located in the West Square Building at 505 Broadway Street, Ste 248, Baraboo, to complete a voucher form to utilize the Dane County Clean Sweep facility to dispose of their household hazardous waste. Please be sure to bring all materials when applying for the voucher program.

All materials for disposal through the voucher program need to be approved by LRE staff.
Once participants receive the approved voucher from Sauk County, they are then able to attend the Dane County Clean Sweep facility.

Participants with the Sauk County voucher are required to pay a $10.00 fee upon arrival at the Dane County Clean Sweep instead of the $75.00 fee for out-of-county participants.

Sauk County residents are limited to one voucher per household per year and must use their voucher within 30 days of approval by the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department.
This voucher program is for household hazardous wastes only.
Any businesses, including agricultural businesses, will be classified as very small quantity generators (VSQGs) and will need to contact Dane County Clean Sweep to register and set up an appointment. For any VSQGs there is a per pound charge.

Latex paint and motor oil are not accepted with this voucher program. Latex paint is non-hazardous, but it must be solidified before throwing away.  It’s easy to dry out. If you have a small amount, simply remove the lid and allow it to dry outside.  Mix larger amounts with cat litter or a paint drying product sold at hardware stores.  Never dispose of liquid paint in your trash. 

Used motor oil may be taken to the Sauk County Highway shop during their drop off hours, Monday–Thursday from 8:00 am–3:00 pm. Please note that only clean waste oil will be accepted. No anti-freeze, gasoline, or any contaminated oil will be accepted. For more information, please contact the Highway Shop at (608) 355-4856.

To prepare for your Dane County Clean Sweep facility visit, please make sure to package any materials in boxes or rigid totes to keep products upright and prevent spills, keep materials in their original containers, and do not mix materials or co-mingle your waste in plastic bags.

For more information regarding the Sauk County voucher program or the Sauk Clean Sweep Program, please contact the Land Resources and Environment Department at (608) 355-3245 or [email protected].  You can also visit for a more complete list of accepted items and alternative disposal options.

Redistricting Public Hearing

Town of Westfield
October 14, 2021
Westfield Town Hall
200 Mill Street, Loganville

6:00 p.m.

Public Hearing – 10 Year Redistricting

Town Board Meeting

6:15 p.m.


Adopt 10 Year Redistricting Plan


Julie Strutz, Clerk

Publish: 9/30/21 & 10/7/21